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На цій сторінці ви можете ознайомитися з усіма стравами ресторану східної кухні «У Самвела». 🛵 Приймаємо замовлення до 21:30. 📞 (048) 770-07-37

Popular: Adjika, Armenian breakfast, Broccoli in a creamy sauce with cheese Dor Blue, 🐏Lamb chops, Cheesecakes with raisins, Potato pancakes with mushroom sauce, A branded apron to keep your clothes clean of sauce, Khachapuri Adjara, better than pizza, Khachapuri Megrel, better than pizza, Bread board from Chef, 🐔 Turkey fillet, Potatoes baked in tandoor, 🐏Lamb kebab, 🐔Chicken kebab, 🐮Veal kebab, Combo "Welcome meal" for 2, Combo "Nourishing", Compote Berry, 🐔Corn chick, 🐔Chicken fillet, 🐔Chicken wings, Orange lemonade, Lemonade, Honey cake, Napoleon, Odessa sheep cheese, Vegetable bouquet, Baked mackerel, 🍅 Baked vegetables from the tandoor, Baked mushrooms from the tandoor, Pie with cheese and spinach, Meat pie (kubdari), Tomatoes from Odessa, Signature poultry shashlyk set, Caesar salad with chicken, Tabule, With pear and roasted peppers, With caramelized chicken liver, Gift certificate, 500 uah, Майстер-клас і екскурсія на кухню доставки, дорослий, Set - 2 Khachapuri and pie, Set - Meat pies, Signature BBQ shashlyk set, Skewer of chicken with french fries, Cheese fries with berry sauce, Pickles, Tkemali, Tkemali for company, Suluguni with greens and tomato from tandoor, Lamb soup with beans, 🐷Port neck, 🐷Port ribs, Tomato spicy for company, Uzvar, 🍷Draft local red wine, dry

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